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Laptop Printers (Part 2)

Always do your research before buying a printer.  Search for and read any and all reviews on the printer that you are considering purchasing.  If you come across to many negative reviews on a printer, than stand clear from it and move on to a different printer that has better reviews.  Look out for those printers that are included with a lot of computer purchases that are free with your purchase.  Do not expect them to perform like a good top of the line printer.  They are being giving away because they are not top of the line performers.  However, most of the time they will give you decent printouts.  Hey, if its included in the package at no extra cost, don't knock it.  I will take something that is free!




Cool Tip:  It has been my experience that refurbished printers are nothing but trouble. Stay clear of them at all cost.

When considering a printer, there are a few types.  Color ink jet printers, color laser printers and black/white laser printers are the most common types.

If you think you will need color on your printouts and will be printing a larger number of graphic images (like photos) than look at the color ink jets.  If you will be printing mostly text documents or spread sheets and want the fastest printouts with the best quality than look at laser printers.  If you want the best of both worlds than buy a color laser.  The performance of a computer printer is mostly determined by the DPI (Dots Per Inch) rating.  The higher this number the better your printouts will look.  You will get great professional quality printouts with a DPI rating of 600 x1200 or better.




I do not recommend buying a refurbished printer of any type.  Just because you will not save enough money in my opinion to make it worth your time.  Also, new printers offer much better performance because they will have the newest technically built into them.




A short review of the Brother HL-2170W laser.

Recently I purchased a new Brother HL-2170W mono laser printer.  I had read many reviews of this printer and was encourage by so many great comments about it.  So for a asking street price of less than $120.00 dollars I thought if would do nicely for my black and white printouts that I had no need for color. Well, let me tell you people I have never been happier with the outstanding print quality and ease of use.  I do highly recommend it.  It gets 5 stars from me.


Brother HL 2170w laser printer


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