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When in the process of publishing one of my Ezine Articles the other day, I came across one written by Theodor Cartman which I found interesting. Thought you might like it too.

Pink Laptops Are Becoming More Popular
By Theodor Cartman

Pink laptops have become a force to reckon with in the last one year or so as more computer manufacturers join in the competition to create these attractive gadgets. Personal computers have come a long way with laptops becoming more ideal for business, work and entertainment in recent years. Laptops are made by simply compacting the usual components of the personal computers and major computer manufacturers such as Dell, Toshiba, Sony, HP-Compaq and other such as Acer and Lenovo have a major market share when it comes to computers. Dell brought in the concept of customizing computers for its customers. This was a welcome relief because it equipped buys with the power to choose exactly what they wanted to be included in their new computer in terms of memory size, hard-drive size, processor speed and more. All this could be done right from the Dell company website. Other companies followed suit and the era of customization was here. In the past, laptop buyers although enjoying the added components, laptop buyers were limited to the regular black and grey color. But now customization has gone to a new level with companies giving their buyers the option to choose which color their laptop will be and pink laptops have managed to take center stages especially with female buyers.

Pink laptops are now made by Dell, Sony, Acer, HP and the rest of the major competitors. While pink is a beautiful color that is attractive to almost anyone, it is more feminine in its appeal and less men buy pink-colored items than women. Remember the pink razor phone? This took the world by storm and was mostly purchased by women. Personalizing items for a section of the buyers, either men or women is a very popular and effective branding technique. It has worked even with cars and we see car makers like Ford motors coming up with cars such as the Hammer which is more geared towards the men.

The same is applicable when it comes to the pink laptop. This is a branding strategy applied by the top computer manufacturers and is meant to attract the female market share. In the past, when laptops first hit the market, we could expect them to be carried by businessmen, researchers and teachers who had more validity for doing so because their work demanded them to travel and they needed to be able to catch up with work while in transit. That is why we stated earlier that computers have completely changed the way we work.

With the social networking world of Facebook and MySpace combined with the wireless capability of pink laptops, feminine teenage students are now able to carry their pink laptops to school and the outdoors. Because of the flexibility that these laptops offer, especially for students who can carry the laptops to school, to the library, to the park and almost anywhere, we can expect more electronic stores to start stocking a larger inventory as more advertising is done for pink laptops.

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