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Legally Pink Laptops

Pink Laptops - Pink Laptop Computers 

Pink Laptops and Pink Laptop ComputersLife is in color and yes in pink too.  Pink laptops are being manufactured today by many computer producing company's.  Traditionally however, most computer laptops had been either black or grey in color.  Computer users had no choice of real colors when purchasing a laptop PC.  Pink laptops and the popularity of color laptops has grown 100 fold over the last few years.

Cool Tip.  Is Pink Your Passion?  One of the most popular colors that has become extremely popular among the ladies and teenage girls laptop toting population world wide is pink.

Pink Laptops Colored Laptops



Yes Pink Is Legal

Pink laptops have a pink exterior and are usually complemented by a pink case to hold the laptop.  The price for a colored pink laptop can be more expensive than the normal black and grey as they tend to create a fashion statement.  They are unique in color and present a bold, distinct and dainty eye catching look.  With many different shades of pink they can create a fashionable exterior look.  Especially for the many tastes of the career women and teenage girls.  Even lawyers legally carry and use their pink laptops in law offices all over the world!  Could they be making a legal statement, a fashion statement or perhaps both?  All I can say is go pink go!


Pink Laptops and Pink Laptop ComputersThere are a few speciality workshops and companies that will accept custom orders.  They will make pink laptops for their customers, to match their favorite wardrobe, in any shade of pink.  Some shops will even modified your existing black or grey laptop by replacing the exterior plastic case.  Some will even paint the existing exterior case with any shade of pink you choose.  Of course the price of these special custom ordered pink laptops can be quite expensive.  However, many woman are willing to toss aside the price, to have a pink laptop to match their outfit of the day.  Pink laptops are not readily available in the market and usually require you to special order.  For many, pink is their passion and so the extra cost is worth it.


Pink laptops however do not skimp on their features and performance.  They are fully complemented with the latest CPU processors, memory, hard drives and optical drives along with wide display screens.  A unique feature that will be seen on most pink laptops is a pink keyboard, to add to the pink laptop fashion statement.  Also, if you want to go all out pink just customize your Windows desktop screen.  Make it have a pink back ground and a pink screen saver to go with it too.


Did You Know?  One company in Japan is seizing on the popularity of the pink laptops by offering a very special edition.  Japan’s cutest cat in glittering crystal decorates NEC Corp.’s new pink laptop in the Japanese electronics maker’s latest effort to woo working women and teenage girls.  The La Vie G Hello Kitty model, available for $1,650 by Internet order only in Japan. 

Did You Know?  A cool thing to know is that you can buy pink laptop computer covers too.   Even in any color you would like, to match any color cloths your are wearing.  Now you can dress to impress and for success along with any colored laptop computer.  It this the coolest thing or what?   So go out and buy four or five different laptop colored covers and look the coolest!



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