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Apple MAC Laptops

For many years Apple MAC laptops as well as MAC desktop computers were generally considered short on applications and long on price.  There was also a well established rumor that Apple MAC laptops could not perform like a Windows PC.  Apple MAC laptops were also said to be over priced and slow.   

Apple MAC LaptopsThere is little truth to both assessments.  Especially now that apple MAC laptops and desktop computers that are being sold by the thousands come with the latest Intel Core Duo processor technology.  The newest iMacs and MacBooks come with enough Intel cpu power to rival any Windows laptop computer. 

Cool Tip: When considering purchasing a laptop computer and trying to decide between a MAC and a Windows PC, it all boils down to preference.  And price too. :)

Apple MAC laptops had long been known for being the computer of choice for designers and publishers who had required outstanding detail graphics.  Today, both the MAC and Windows PC will give you great outstanding graphics.  MAC laptops will run any application and provide super performance.  The OS operation system is user friendly and many have claimed it to be far easier to learn than Windows XP or Vista OS.  


Apple MAC Laptops 1Apple’s latest newest top of the line laptop, the MacBook, is a excellent laptop for anyone to use.  However, it does come with a high price tag.  If you are not put off by the price, this computer is versatile, innovative, sleek and solid.  MAC's are a complete computer that you can start using right out of the box.  Everything is included to allow you to surf the Internet, email your friends, listen to your favorite music and type up your latest document or spread sheet with very little learn time.

Where as a Windows laptop PC does not normally include everything, which means you will have to buy the extra programs after your purchase.  However, bare in mind that the upfront cost of a MAC is more than a Windows laptop PC.   But the long term cost is about the same.



A nice feature that is now included with every Apple MAC laptop computer and is one of Apples biggest selling points, is dual OS operating systems.  This means that you can now choose which operating system you would like to run on boot up.  MAC OS or Windows PC.  Yes, that is right!  You can not run Windows PC OS on a Mac laptop computer.   By the way, take a look at the picture on this page.  See the little black circle on top of the MAC laptop lid.  That happens to be a built in Web Cam.  So if you buy a Apple MAC laptop computer you will not have to give up your favorite Windows PC game or your favorite Windows PC application.





Cheap Apple MAC laptops are hard to find if you are looking for a new one.  Apple just does not make a cheap Apple MAC yet!  However, you can pick up a few really nice reliable refurbished Apple MAC Laptops for under a $1000.00.   They will not have the latest IMac or MacBook technology like Intel Core Duo processor, but they will be well built and will last you for a few years of problem free performance.

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