Best Wireless Router

Best Wireless Router - Linksys - Netgear When you go wireless on your laptop computer at home, one of the most important things you will need is the best wireless router.  This is a little small computer box that connects between you and your ISP Internet Service Provider.  Its sole function is to provide wireless Internet connections between your ISP and your home computing devices.

This way you can surf the Internet wirelessly in any room of your house or even a few yards outside of your house, without  wires. You will quickly find out that it is very easy to set up one of these routers yourself.  It normally requires very little if any configuration at all to get started.  You will be able to be completely set up with a wireless router is less than an hour.  So let us get started first in determining which router or what is the best wireless router to buy.

Where do I get the best wireless router and what should I be looking for in a good wireless router?  These are good questions to ask when searching for a router.  For one thing you want to make sure that its going to work fast and have good wireless range. This way you are ensure to have a good solid signal connection to your wireless laptop computer. With the Internet speed you expect.

best wireless router netgear wgr614Best Wireless Router - Linksys - Netgear Ok, so we are going to be looking for good speed and good range.  Both of these requirements are obtained through the protocol standard 802.11G and 802.11N.  This will give you 54mps of speed and a nice distance range from your laptop computer.  In other words, you will be able to access the Internet in any room of your house and will not experience any slow screen paint of images on your laptop.  And of course, you sure don't want a Windows pop up message saying "network connection lost".  So let us get you the best wireless router, with good quality, that will provide you with trouble free performance.  And at the best bang for your buck.

In my opinion the two best wireless routers that are most commonly used out on the market these days are the Linksys WRT54G and Netgear WGR614 boxes for 54mps speeds. The Cisco line of routers like the Linksys E900 is great for 300mps speeds   They perform well, have quality built into them, are extremely user friendly and have been proven to be reliable.  One could even make the claim that they have set the standard in wireless routers.  By the way, Linksys wireless routers are made by Cisco.  Netgear boxes are a few dollars cheaper than Linksys but both are outstanding products and cheap!  You can not go wrong with either box for the money.



Easy Installation

Best Wireless Router - Linksys - Netgear You will quickly discover that when installing your wireless router it will require practically no thought process whatsoever.  It is normally a plug and play device.  Just plug it in and connect your ISP cable or DSL USB modem to the wireless router.  If you do run into a problem it is normally very easy to access the router configuration via your Internet browser and enable one or two items like a password and user id, along with enabling a PPPoE (point to point protocol) standard.  Always read your users manual at least once. :) 

You will be on your way to wireless networking in no time and be able to start using your wireless laptop computer in about an hour if all goes smoothly.  And it will!  Just get yourself the best wireless router for the money and have lots of real fun.