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 Barebone Laptops and Barebone Kits

Build Your Own Laptop Computer - Barebones kits Have you ever dreamed about building your own laptop computer? It really is not that hard to build your own laptop computer or notebook computer.  If you have ever built your own desktop computer, than you can easily build your own laptop computer from scratch.  Before you build your own laptop computer there are a few important things you need to know.  You need to start with a DIY barebones laptop  computer first and than move on to adding the components.


Cool Tip:  Building your own laptop is not always cheaper but it sure can be fun if you have the time. 

There are several companies out there that offer what is called a barebone laptop or notebook. This allows individuals to build your own laptop computer.  You just have to buy a few components to get started.  The quickest and easiest way to accomplish this task is to first purchase a barebones laptop computer.  There will be no laptop cpu, no laptop memory and no laptop hard drive in the barebone laptop computer.  You will have to purchase these components separately.  This gives you the ability to pick and choose quality components that you would like to have in your newly built laptop.  Building a barebones laptop can be both fun and exciting.

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Build Your Own Laptop Computer - Barebones kits Once you have purchase these components and put them all together, all that is left to do is of course is to load your favorite operating system software.  This will be the last part to do when building a laptop computer.

A cool barebones OCZ DIY Gaming Notebook PC Click On Barebones DIY Laptop    Click On Barebones DIY Laptop




Build Your Own Laptop Computer

Note: You will notice that the Motherboard is not shown.  The Motherboard resides inside the laptop case.


The truth be known, that after you have built your first laptop computer you may never buy another computer laptop or notebook computer ever again!  When you build your own computer laptop or notebook you will get the most FUN and SATISFACTION in the world out of it. Especially if it works the first time you boot the computer laptop up! :)  For me, I have built about eight laptop computers now and only had one failed to boot up after putting all of the components together.  The one that failed to boot the first time was due to a DOA hard drive. Once I did a RMA to the vendor and received a hard drive replacement, it booted right up for me.


Build Your Own Laptop Computer - Barebones kits    One of the nicest things when you build your own laptop computer from a barebones system is that the process is made easy.  Unlike building your own desktop computer from scratch, when building your own laptop computer there are no cables to connect. Almost all cables are pre connected already in a barebones laptop computer.  Even the motherboard is pre-installed and pre-connected for you as well.  This makes life a lot easier!  For the consumer all that is left to do is install the memory, cpu, hard drive and of course a network adapter card for wireless internet access.  Maybe even a Cd/DVD drive too.  Ok now we are down to the last task in building a laptop computer.  Install your operating system and boot up.



Build Your Own Laptop Computer - Barebones kits Cool Tip: Now for the most important information that you will need to build your own laptop computer: You will need to have and know how to use a small screw driver! :) Life is good!