Cheap Computer Games


The best part about cheap computer games is that they are cheap and still fun to play.  Cheap computer games does not mean lousy graphics.  Cheap computer games mean great graphics and strategy at a low cost to you the consumer.  That is where old and used computer games might just fit your bill.

Cheap computer gamesWhen PC's were hitting the market in the late 80s, my first computer game that I played was Wolfenstein. Wow, I enjoyed the heck out of that game.  The graphics were on the cutting edge for the late 80s.  And the games strategy was simple yet exciting, just shoot the bad guys and rack up the points.  The games in the late 80s and early 90s were primitive but exciting to play.  Of course with limit game graphics you also needed a lot of vivid imagination to make them fun to play.

It seems to me that most people who want to have a faster PC, are looking to upgrade their PC for games.  When was the last time someone really wanted a faster PC just to do their word processing or spreadsheets faster?  Yea right...who are they kidding.  I believe it boils down to wanting a faster PC for these reasons, in this order: games, music, internet, email, videos and than work.  But I could be wrong!  The order could be different.  But hey, lets get back to cheap computer games.





Cheap computer gamesOk, you are looking for cheap computer games right? The first step is deciding which computer games are good and fun for you.  You don't want to go and spend a lot of money on a game that is not fun to play.  And have it just sit on your computer.  That would be a waste of good money.

A cost effective way to find the most fun games would be to read reviews on the latest games and then download the demos for free.  Than buy the ones you have the most fun playing.  A good place to find reasonably unbiased reviews is over at Amazon. 



Cool Tip: Most people after playing a computer game for the hundredth time become bored with it.  So remember that it is better to buy a few cheap computer games that are fun to play.  Rather than spend all your money on one expensive game that you will become bore with after awhile.