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  Cheap Computer Monitors (Part2)  

  Computer Monitor Features

cheap computer monitorsFirst don't let all these computer monitor specifications spook you too much.  When you are looking for cheap computer monitors, there will be a lot of confusing numbers and terms, such as: 85Hz Resolution, 85Hz Refresh Rate, .28 Dot Pitch and viewable screen size.  They are important but I will tell you about them in non confusing words.  So don't worry, I will be brief.


Resolution:  This number represents the maximum number of rectangular pixels that can be displayed on the screen at one time.  Rectangular pixels are colored dots on the screen.  The higher the numbers, the higher the pixels will be, and the more details you will be able to see.  1024 by 768 is considered normal.  But always look for a maximum resolution number of 1680 x 1050 or better.

Refresh Rate:  This is the speed that a monitor draws an entire screen.  So you want this number to be at least around 75hz-85hz.  This number is very important to help you prevent any eyestrain.

Pixel or Dot Pitch:  A low pixel or dot pitch number of .24 or .25 will make text appear crisper on your screen.  I am always happy with .26 or .28

Viewable Screen Size:  I recommend the bigger the better.  I like at least a 22" screen size.  This way my eyes do not get strained.  But more important I can lay back on my bed or chair and see everything.  I like that!

Contrast Ratio:  This helps to determine how dark your screen will be.  I highly recommend that you look for a number that is high. 700:1 or 800:1 .  Do not buy a 500:1.

Response Time: The smaller this number the better.  This helps to determine how quick your screen response will be, like when you are typing a letter or how quick your screen will change images.


              Monitor Plug Connections

Cheap computer monitors have two different connections when plugging them into your laptop. Analog VGA and digital DVI plug connections are seen on the back of the monitor. Some LCD monitors will only provide analog plug connections. They tend to be cheaper is cost as well. Analog LCD monitors provide a bit slower performance and the display is not as crisp as digital. Digital LCD monitors provide the fastest performance and the displays are very sharp. They also cost more than analog LCD monitors.

Most new laptops have DVI ports. Older laptops only have VGA ports. Some laptops will have both VGA and DVI ports. I recommend that you go with a DVI LCD monitor if you have the choice. Digital DVI LCD monitors will provide both faster performance and crisper displays. Cheap computer monitors normally come with a conversion adapter plug. This will ensure you can use the LCD monitor. No matter which type of port you have on the back of your laptop it will work.





cheap computer monitors  What I have Left To Say

What it boils down to when choosing cheap computer monitors is take your time and look for excellent bargains.  If the screen display looks good to you, that is all that really counts.  In the end, you are the one who will be staring at it for hours at a time.  If you like it, the specification numbers don't mean a whole hell of a lot.  Now do they?:)


Ok, that is it for explaining some things about cheap computer monitors.  I hope you got something out of my guide.  If you did, I am happy.  Now please take a moment and look over the cheap computer monitors that I have on this site.  You might just find one that you like.  If you do that would be great for you and me.  This would mean that I did my job in helping you.

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