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What's New - Cheap computers and Barebones Kits Sometimes you don't want to spend a lot of time looking around for cheap computers and cheap laptops. We all have busy schedules. It does take time to move around a website when looking for cheap computers. So here are the latest additions to my site. So you can quickly check things out. The latest products, reviews and articles to help you make smart purchasing decisions when looking for cheap computers and cheap computer laptops.

If you are up to the challenge you might want to look at a barebones kit and build your own laptop. 

Let's Begin:

How Does A Flash Drive Work

How does a flash drive work? A USB flash drive is simply a memory chip or two in a compact case.  The type of memory used is called flash memory.  The memory chip is non-volatile and can be written to, read from and erased electrically.

 Mini Laptops

Mini laptop are on the rage lately. Mini laptops are extremely light weight making them extremely portable. Because mini laptops are so petite they can travel with you to...

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 Best Laptop Processor - Best Laptop CPU Guide


The other day I was pondering about what would be the best laptop processor or best laptop cpu to have in a new laptop. So I started to...

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 Coolest Laptop Cooling,


It is amazing how many laptops/notebooks have ineffective cooling. Poor laptop cooling is the number one reason for...

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 Computer Desk For Laptops


When I am at home with my laptop computer, there are many times that I need to just sit at my computer desk.    This allows me to have...

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 Build Your Own Laptop Computer From Barebones


Have you ever dreamed about building your own laptop computer? It's really fun, exciting and even possible to build with a barebone computer kit you can get at...

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 USB Jump Drives As Storage


What are USB Jump Drives? They are small finger size portable USB data storage drives. They are often called flash drives because they use...

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