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Some Laptop Computer Articles That I Wrote

Please take them with a side of humor. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.


 I Hate Laptop Keyboards

 I hate laptop/notebook keyboards. They are the biggest pain in the butt to use. Have you ever tried to type at faster than 20 words per minute on one? Very few people can. And those who can type 20wpm or faster on a notebook keyboard I tip my hat off to you. Now normally about 70-80wpm or better is consider a good typist. On my desktop computer keyboard I can type around 60-70wpm. However, on my laptop keyboard I am lucky to type 20 words per minute. My fingers are either to big or to sticky.

The other day I was in Starbucks coffee shop and was trying to get a report done before my lunch hour was up. I only had to type a few pages before it would be completed. I had all the information in my head that I needed to put to paper so to speak but the bloody laptop keyboard would not cooperate. My fingers kept hitting two and three keys at the same time. What is with these mini keyboards? The keys seem to stick like glue to my fingers.

Whenever I can I use an accessory keyboard that is of normal size that plugs into my laptops USB port. Life feels normal when I use a normal size keyboard. What can I say. I love using a laptop/notebook. I like that it is small, light and portable. Once I tried using one of those voice to text programs. It just could not learn to understand my voice well enough to translate all of my words correctly. Besides I got tire of talking to my laptop and not hearing it talk back to me. Please don't get the wrong idea, I love my laptop/notebook and could not do without it. I just think that those mini laptop keyboards really suck!


Please Right Click

Lately I have been volunteering some of my free time teaching a free computer class. The class that I teach is all about how to use a computer to access the Internet and your personal email. The student body is made up of mostly retires and single moms. I like helping people who for whatever reason never had a chance to really learn how to use a computer. They either were never around computers at work or choose to ignore computers altogether. There are still some jobs out there that still have nothing to do with computers.



So anyway, one Saturday morning I was giving the computer class. About 7 pupils manage to drag themselves into my 8:30 am class that day. While I was talking about how to move around inside of Microsoft Windows, I asked the class to "right click on their desktop". A few seconds later one of my students raised her hand. I acknowledge her and she explained that she did not understand. I explained that I wanted her to right click on her desktop. She said she did. I ask her what was her response, did you get a popup menu? She said no. I than ask her from my standing position in front of the class exactly what she was doing. She looked up at me and said "you told me to write 'click' on my desktop and I wrote click". Well needless to say it took a little self restraint to keep myself from laughing. But than I slowly explained to her what I meant and than she just turn red with a smile and said thank you.

The computer class continued to progress. The class was 3 hours every Saturday, for 4 weeks. While teaching the class I gave this one student a little extra coaching so to speak during those 4 weeks. I am proud to say she became my top performer who was eager to learn how to use a computer.


Cheap Laptops, Man's Best Friend


   Laptops. We all know what they are, and most people have lived with them as their personal computers or seen them about in offices, communities and travels. But how much do we really know about them? Are they kind to us? Can we rely on them in emergencies? Are they there when we Coolest Cheap Laptops need them the most? Can they cuddle up to us and keep us warm on late nights at home? Yes, is the answer and they seem to do a good job at it too. At least most of the time. Laptops remain among the most popular personal computers in the world. It would seem as if the laptop computer has practically replaced our pet dog as "Man's Best Friend".

Picking the right breed of laptop for you

Among the many breeds of laptops, finding the particular type that suits an individual’s needs is an arduous task. One must consider all the different laptop breeds that have been breed for the sole purpose of providing us warm and loveable companionship. I would not want a laptop computer that does not respond to my gentle stroking with my fingers on its soft warm keyboard tummy. Nor would I want one that does not obey my commands after teaching it to sit on my lap for hours while I play games with it. When I say sit I mean sit.

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