Computer Desk Chairs


Computer desk chairs for your small office or home-based business need to be sturdy and comfortable.  A good chair determines how productive you will be at any given time.  Some computer desk chairs are really a pain in the buttock.  You can not sit in them for long without feeling sore and achy.  This can quickly kill your desire to sit in front of your computer and get any work done.

If you use your computer every day for long stretches of time, you need to look for a well designed computer task chair.  This is what a lot of so call office furniture experts will tell you!  In my opinion I think that advise is a bunch of nonsense!  It has been my own experience over the years that a computer task chair is the most uncomfortable chair you can sit in.  If you want seat comfort for long hours don't buy a computer task chair.  However, some people may disagree with my assessment on task chair comfort.

Computer desk chairs - Office ChairsWhat you want when looking at computer desk chairs is a Dual Function Ergonomic Air Grid Chair desk chair.  It will have features such as adjustable lumbar that ensure you a correct posture and fit while you are seated.  Ergonomic desk chairs are ideal for people who want comfort for long work hours while sitting.  You need superb back support in a chair to prevent your bones from cracking when you stand up.  If you don't have a back condition, I suggest you try to prevent one from developing.  Sore backs can be a prelude to something worst.  So when looking at computer desk chairs always look for good back support as well as comfort. 

Cool Tip: A chair is not just a chair...its where you will spend a lot of time sitting.




Computer desk chairs - Office Chairs Here are the must things to look for in computer desk chairs

  • A good chair will always have lumbar support for your back.  Try looking for one that has adjustable lumbar support if you can find it.  However, most are not adjustable.  A lumbar support cushion should fit into your natural curve of your lower back. 
  • Your arms will be resting on the chair arm rests from time to time.  Look for a chair that has adjustable arm rests.  Everyone's arms are not the same length.  Look for some nice cushion also for comfort. 
  • The seat bucket is where you place your buttock.  Choose hard or soft cushion for your comfort level.  Be sure that the width of the seat fits your body type. 
  • The tall or short seat back.  I would suggest always going for a tall seat back.  They are much more comfortable to me.  Sometimes I just like to lay back in my chair and relax for a few moments.  The tall seat back allows me to do this in comfort. 
  • Some computer desk chairs fail to provide the simple height adjustment. A chair that can be adjusted up and down allows for your body height.  This also provides for more comfort. 
  • Nylon mesh chair backs to help keep you cool are just the coolest and most comfortable computer desk chairs I have ever had the pleasure to sit-in ! Get a mesh back chair and you will never go back to any other chair for life.


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