Computer Mouse Help


Do you need some computer mouse help?

Some computer mouse help is still needed even when using a laptop computer.  Mouse problems don't go completely away if you own a laptop. Computer mouse help is needed when you are using an external mouse or when using your laptop pointing device. Envisage your laptop pointing device that is being used as a mouse simply dies.  You will need some quick computer mouse help when you don't know how to save that document you've been working on for hours. Relax and read on, about some computer mouse help that I have provided for you here on my site.

Cool fact: The history of the computer mouse goes all the way back to 1963 when IBM main frames were still roaming the earth in great numbers.  Did you know that Douglas Engelbartas is the man who invented the computer mouse?


 A brief history of the computer mouse and, who invented the computer mouse

First let me give you some brief history of the computer mouse.  A man named Douglas Engelbartas in 1963-64 wanted a better way to access information from a computer than from a keyboard.  So he started looking at some ways to just point and click on a display screen.  So he started experimenting with a very cruel mouse like device made out of bulky carved out wood.  He added a button, a computer connection cord and two metal wheels which made contact with a working surface.  He named it a computer mouse because the cord, you guessed it, came out from behind it, resembling a mouse.

But the history of the computer mouse did not stop there.  In 1972 a man named Bill English took the mouse concept to its next level. Bill English turn around and improved upon Engelbartas ideal and invented the ball-mouse.  The mouse that we have all used at least once.

Than in 1980 two men Steve Kirsch and Richard F. Lyon further enhanced the mouse by bringing to market two version of a optical mouse.  Optical mice are what is now used world wide by everyone.

A wireless mouse is now being used more and more as we no longer want to be restrained to our computers by wires and cords.  Multiple company's have brought to market wireless mice. 


Troubleshooting mouse problems

Problems can occur any where with the computer mouse and its operating parts.  Buttons, wheels, balls and cords.

If you need computer mouse help, the most common problem is no display cursor movement.  This is very normal and will happen if the connection at the back of the computer has come loose. Check your mouse cord connection and make sure the plug is tighten and secured on the back of your computer. This happens a lot whenever you move your computer base around or rearrange your computer display and CPU based.

When your mouse freezes during an computer operation, stay relax, there is no need to go ape and start freaking out.  All you need to do is simply use some keyboard shortcuts.  If you have a chance look them up on the web.  They are numerous and quite useful even if you mouse does work ok.  You can also just press your ALT key to access the main program you have been working with...and continue to save your file or data.





Things to check when you have computer mouse problems: 

  • Check cords and plugs on the back of your computer and make sure they are tight and secure. 
  • Check your computer mouse surface where you move your mouse your mouse pad.  Make sure it is clean. 
  • Always use a clean mouse pad as your computer mouse desk surface.  Mice do not like extremely smooth surfaces.  They loose track of there X and Y axis and seem not to move the cursor on the display screen.
  • If you are using a ball mouse and not a optical mouse than you may need to pop your mouse ball out and clean it with some cleaner.
  • If the mouse continues not to move the cursor and is still frozen check drivers.  Try to reinstall your PC's mouse drivers.  Sometimes, other installed programs can disrupt your mouse drivers.  Especially if you have recently installed a new program or application.  This would be high on your list of what is causing your mouse problems.
  • If your computer mouse is the optical type you need to also make sure the mouse pad is clean.  Sometimes they get confused when they roll over heavy dust or dirt.
  • A laser mouse and optical mouse does not need to be cleaned to much.
  • Whenever you are cleaning your mouse always use a Q tip dipped in alcohol to clean the lens or mouse ball.
  • For a wireless mouse, most often computer mouse problem is caused by weak batteries.  So get a brand new set of replacement batteries and pop them into your wireless mouse.  This happens to fix wireless mouse troubles 8 out of 10 times.
  • If you discover bent or broken connector pins on your cord can try to unbend them but most often it is better to replace your mouse.
  • If after performing and checking all that has been said here and your mouse continues not to a new one.


 Hope this helped you out and got your mouse working again.