Computer Virus Protection

Computer Virus Protection - Data Security 

Computer virus protection is an extremely important issue for everyone these days. I am not talking about taking your computer laptop or desktop and placing a physical lock on it. I am talking about protecting your computer with software computer security protection. Protection from software hackers, computer viruses, email hijackers, email spam, ad' s, spy ware, remote keyboard logers and trojans. Computer virus protection is a must have needed item for your laptop.

Your computer must be protected from these destructive attacks on your computer to allow it to run smoothly. If you do not protect your computer from these things your computer will stop working or worst important private information will be stolen. It could be your social security number or even your bank account number and password/pin numbers. I am talking about identity theft! 

Computer Virus Protection - Data SecurityCool Tip: The best way to protect your computer is to install all of these protection programs on your computer:

  • a computer firewall  
  • a anti virus program 
  • a anti spy ware program 
  • a anti adware program 

A computer firewall is a software program that is installed on your computer that helps to block other people from accessing your computer when you are connected to the Internet.  If you are connected to the Internet you need a firewall.  If you do not, you could have private information stolen off of your computer.

 Computer Virus Protection - Data Security

Anti-virus software is a program that protects your computer from software code or program that acts as a virus that infects your computer. It infects other programs and applications on your computer by spreading and infecting. Viruses will spread itself from your computer to other computers and can destroy your data and your computer programs. It can even cause your computer to just not boot up one day. Than you are talking about very costly repairs to have it removed or cleaned from your computer. It is far cheaper and smarter to buy and install a anti virus program to protect this from ever happening.

Anti-spyware is a software program that is installed on your computer that will prevent all those ad's from popping up in the middle of your screen with unwelcome pictures and words.

Remember that when you use the Internet you are sending information from computer to computer. This allows the possibility of the information that you are sending to be seened by unauthorized people with there computers. By installing the suggested programs mention above you can greatly reduce this from happening.











Here are a few of the most well known company's who have proven themselves in there field for providing excellent software protection solutions:

  • McAfee - Antivirus Software and Intrusion Prevention Solutions 
  • Symantec - Norton Antivirus and Ani Spyware Solutions 
  • ZoneAlarm - provides complete PC and Home Internet Security solutions 
  • LavaSoft - Anti Spyware and Anti Ad's