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  Cool Gadgets

I don't know about you but I love cool gadgets and Gizmo s. When it comes to my laptop computer I am always looking for new cool gadgets.  New gadgets are fun and exciting.  The latest gadgets can be a blast to play with!  Whenever there is a new technical gizmo out there that can improve my lifestyle and my fun....I go after it!

Cool gadgets are accessories that can add to the enjoyment of using your laptop.  Some mobile gear can help keep your laptop running smoothly and you working at your best.  Gadgets can even help you keep better organized while working on the road.



Cool GadgetsCool gadgets - High tech gadgetsOne of the really cool gadgets that I have seen is the ToteGrip.  It made so much sense to me when I first read about it, that I went right out and bought one.  The ToteGrip makes it much easier to carry your laptop when you don't have a need for a laptop case.  Like when going from meeting to meeting in the same building at work.  It allows me to carry my laptop and carry as little as possible but still keeps my laptop secure while moving.  It is basically a carrying strap for Laptops.  A very cool gadget in my opinion.



Cool GadgetsCool gadgets - High tech gadgetsNext on the list of cool gadgets is the Wi-Fi Detective from Startech. It allows you to detect wireless networks. No big deal, my laptop does that already you might say. Well, almost but not like this cool gadgets. This baby will allow you to find all nearby Wi-Fi networks without ever powering up your laptop. How cool is that? Just hit the button on the Wi-FI Detective and locate strong signals in less than a minute. Once you know you are near a good signal, just turn your laptop on and connect. This will save you a lot of time searching for nearby Wi-Fi networks while you are on the road.







Cool gadgets - High tech gadgetscool gadgetsMonster Cable Outlet To Go is another really cool gadget. It is a power extension cord enabling you go plug in 3 different mobile gadgets at the same time. It is small, light weight and very portable. It can fit very easy into your laptop case, taking up very little space. It is the perfect travel size accessory with useful functions when you need it. The Outlets to Go has a built-in circuit breaker to protect your mobile gear from overloads from the wall outlet. Hey, stop to think how often you needed to plug your laptop into a outlet for power. But you also needed to charge a few other mobile gadgets at the same time. Than to find out real quickly that there was on one outlet available. No problem with the Monster Cable Outlet To Go gadget. I am constantly using the two that I bought when traveling to unknown places. So get one for yourself and add it to your collection of functional cool gadgets. You will not be sorry.




Cool Tip: Gadgets that are cool to own, are ones that are both functional and fun to use.



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