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Extreme Gaming Laptops

All the rage are gaming laptops.  If you like to play laptop video games than gaming laptops may interest you a lot.  Gaming laptops are portable extreme laptops that are sometimes custom built laptops. 

The most processor hungry laptops are gaming laptops that play today's popular video games.  If you want game speed and constant intense fun graphic action from your gaming laptops you need four things in gaming laptops:




Fast Processor: Video games are hungry, hungry and did I mention hungry?  They love to eat up all the processing power that your CPU can muster up.  That is why you need not just a good CPU but a very good CPU! A processor that can handle the load when you are in the middle of a intense graphic action video game.  Gaming laptops need power!

There is nothing worst than having your blood rushing during a game and suddenly your processor has had enough and freezes. Game over!  Reboot time....bummer!  Don't let this happen to you.  Get a processor that is at least a 2.5 GHz dual core 800 MHz front side bus speed or better.  Spend the extra few bucks!

Cool Tip:  Some gaming laptops only pretend to be a gaming laptop.  Be sure to read the specifications carefully.  Do not allow yourself to get ripped off by fake gaming laptops.  


Stack Up On Memory: Gaming laptops need at least 4 GB.  Don't worry about the memory speed.  Gaming laptops that play today's games could care less about the memory speed.  Memory speed of 667 MHz will work great for you.  Save some money and don't spend it on faster memory.



Video Card With Guts:  Gaming laptops that will play today's popular games need a powerful video card with guts. A video graphics card that is weak and cheap is worthless for games.  Get yourself one of the top performance ones and have a smooth gaming experience.

A video card will make or break a game.  Go extreme on a high end video card! Examples would be: GeForce 9800M GTX or the Mobility Radeon HD 48XX.  You might even consider the GeForce 9800M GTS.




Big Video Display Screen: Go for the biggest and widest screen you can afford and feel comfortable with while gaming.  A small screen gives you a small gaming experience and is just not as fun.  A 17 inch or better will work nicely.  




Did you know that another good resource for gaming laptops and other information is located in the Open Directory - URL Web Directory ?