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How To Clean Your Laptop

How to clean your laptop is something that you perhaps would not think about to often. However, knowing how to clean your laptop without damaging it, is important to know. If you don't know how to clean your laptop properly you can quickly end up with a mess on your hands. You sure don't want to take any of the factory finish off your laptop case. Or remove any of the lettering off your laptop keyboard keys. Learning how to clean your laptop is easy and simple.  I hope that this brief and simple guide on how to clean your laptop helps you out.



Cool Tip: A clean laptop can help prevent you from getting a cold.  Cold germs love laptop cases that are dirty and grimmy.

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Dirty Ink From Newspapers

How To Clean Your Laptop ComputerThe last thing that I normally have on my mind when it comes to my laptop is cleaning it. Ok, you might say big deal. Me too. However, I like to read the local newspaper and the Wall Street Journal everyday. The black ink from those papers stick to my fingers and my laptop keyboard like flypaper. I have to admit my laptop keyboard can start looking really ugly after a few days. Even to the point where I am no longer able to see the letters and numbers imprinted on the keys. It bothers me a bit but bothers the heck out of my wife. Especially when she borrows my laptop to do some creative art work that she likes to do. The next thing I hear from her lips is clean your !#?%&* laptop in so many nice words. -:)..Ah...she loves me!

If you have a laptop computer the odds are good that it could use a good cleaning. So here are some instructions on how to go about cleaning your laptop computer quickly and painlessly.



The Parts That Get Dirty

Some parts get dirtier than others but here they are: your laptop case, of course your keyboard is a must, the screen so you can see what you are typing, and the air/fan vents. Now here is the good part, it is not hard to do and its cheap to do. You can even do it with a few cleaning things laying around the home. Look around the house and find yourself some isopropyl rubbing alcohol, some tap water, and a lint-free rag or cloth.


The cleaning trick here is to use all these cleaning items to remove dirty stuff like dust, dirt, pet hair and of course newspaper ink from your laptop computer. Did you know that dirt and dust can clog up your cooling vents and fans? Its true and can in turn, cause overheating issues? If laptop cooling is reduced or stopped, your laptop can die. Find out more about cooling in my laptop cooling article.



First Things First for Cleaning

Shut down your laptop computer first. Unplug any cables or wires from the laptop. Get your lint free cloth out and wipe down your laptop for the easy dirt. Now get your isopropyl alcohol and water out and mix them together in a small bowl. About a 50/50 mix will work nicely. Dip a small portion of your cloth into the solution mix. Be sure not to spill any on your laptop....

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