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Laptop Memory

A Guide To Laptop Memory and Laptop Memory Upgrade

What does memory have to do with it you might say to yourself.  Well, every single laptop computer needs physical laptop memory.  All computer laptops come with a certain amount of laptop memory already installed in it.  This normally is not enough and you might need a laptop memory upgrade

Laptop memory RAM Upgrade - Memory upgradeA laptop computer just can not boot-up and run without computer laptop memory.  All you will see and hear is a black blank screen with loud beeps coming through the laptop speakers.  Computer memory is normally referred to as RAM (radom-acess memory). 

Cool Tip: Can you install the memory yourself? Yes.


Cool Tip: When you are adding or upgrading memory in your laptop the keyword to remember is always compatibility.  Memory is specific to your laptop's motherboard specifications.  Some memory is compatible and some is not.

Cool Tip: A laptop memory upgrade can greatly improve how smoothly and fast your games play.  Get faster realtime game playing by upgrading your memory.

Laptop memory RAM Upgrade - Memory upgradeThis is where your data and software programs store there current activity when your laptop is up and running.  I like to think about computer memory as short term and long term memory.  The way I see it is that most computer laptops come with very little memory already installed in them that I refer to as short term memory.  Normally just enough memory to allow your laptop to boot-up, run your Windows OS (operating system) and a few applications before your laptop will slow down to a crawl.  If you want your computer to run smoothly and reasonably fast you need long term memory that will allow multiple applications to run.  This also includes future applications you might want to run at the same time.





Laptop computers normally come with around 512 to 1000 megabytes of memory already installed in them. This is enough for short term memory use. But if you want to run many applications at the same time, perhaps three or four of them you need to be thinking about adding additional long term memory in your laptop. A good amount of memory would be 2000 megabytes or 2 gigabyte's but 4 gigabyte's would be even better.

This would be plenty of memory for you to enjoy using your laptop computer without having to get mad at waiting for your computer to perform something you instructed it to perform.

Like running your favorite word processor, spread sheet, surfing the internet, and perhaps playing your favorite card game, all at the same time while watching a video movie too. So if you have a notebook and think you need some more memory and are considering a memory upgrade please be sure to read these pages carefully. Also the same goes for those who are thinking about purchasing a new or refurbished laptop.

Cool Tip: Memory is one of the most important and most effective upgrades you can ever make on your laptop. Do it today so you can have more fun tomorrow.

Here is your quick how much do I need memory guide:

  • Below Minimum Memory: 512 MEG    
  • Bare Minimum Memory: 1GB   
  • Optimal Memory: 2GB   
  • Best Amount to have: 4GB or better 

Cool Tip:  Just to give you an idea on latest memory pricing: Kingston 2GB 200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Laptop Memory.....less than $25.00




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