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 Coolest Laptop Cooling Fans

 Laptop Coolers

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It is amazing how many laptops/notebooks have ineffective cooling. Poor laptop cooling is the number one reason for laptop failures in my humble opinion. A laptop without good laptop cooling  will have its hard drive, CPU, motherboard and battery life greatly reduced very quickly. A computer fan that cools your laptop can and will, wear out.

Laptop Cooling Fans - Computer fanHave you ever been outside with your laptop on a hot summer day? Did you notice how quickly it felt like a frying pan on your lap? I used to have one that got hot enough to fry an egg. No joke! Your laptop components can quickly become extremely hot in no time while being just in idle mode. Reaching way beyond safe operating temperatures recommended by your laptop manufacture.  Your laptop CPU and motherboard will overheat and melt without good efficient cool air  flow.

Cool Tip: How does a laptop cooler works?  It is pretty straight forward.  The plain and simple answer is that it simply pushes cool air where it is needed and removes the hot air.  Hence, we have a laptop cooler.  See my diagram below for a quick understanding.

How A Laptop Cooler Works


Cool Tip:  Poor laptop CPU, motherboard and hard drive cooling will shorten a laptops life. A laptop should never be left powered on in a car, on a hot summer day. The laptop computer fan just does not have enough cooling power inside a hot car.


Cool Tip: Did you know that laptop cooling  is also refer to by other names too? Like laptop cooling pad, laptop cooling fans, laptop coolers  and also laptop ice pack.

It's not just desktop computers that overheat from poor cooling fans. Laptops/notebooks overheat too. Even more from poor airflow cooling. Laptops can grow dangerously hot without proper laptop cooling fans and heat sinks.Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptop Failures From Overheating

Laptop Cooling Fans - Computer fanA blistering hot laptop computer can be pretty annoying when it is sitting on your lap. Any laptop that has become so hot that it is difficult to hold is a very good sign that your laptop cooling is not cooling at all. Laptop failure at this point is not too far away. If your laptop is so hot you can not comfortably hold it, than you need to turn it off and look at some laptop cooling solutions. A laptop CPU central processing unit can become melted cheese in no time if its not being properly cooled by decent cool airflow. A dust clogged or dead computer fan will not help matters.



If you have had your laptop for many years, it might need to be open up and have the dust cleaned out. (See Picture Below) Dust will accumulate inside of your laptop case after a period of time. Case and CPU fans will get so dusty that they will either slow down or stop working completely.


Laptop Cooling Fans - Computer fanIf your laptop case and fans are practically dust free than you might want to look at some really nice laptop cooling fan  devices out on the market. The more laptop cooling you have providing more cool airflow, the better your laptop will run. It will also extend the life of your expensive laptop computer. Hey, by the way did you know that the cooler your laptop runs the faster it will run. It's true! The hotter your laptop gets the slower it becomes.



There are some great ways to improve your laptop cooling. You could turn your house or office air conditioner down to say a nice cool 50 or 60 degrees. But that would not be practical. Besides, not enough cool air would be push inside of your laptop to make that much difference.

What you really might want to look into is some well made secondary cooling fans for...

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