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  Coolest Laptop Reviews

Straight Talk Laptop Reviews

Laptop reviews are always a welcome read for those looking for a new laptop computer.  Laptop reviews can give you clear unbiased opinions about laptops.  That is just what I have done here for you on my laptop reviews page on this site.  Hope you enjoy them.

Laptops are better built today and come with more features than just a few years ago. They are thinner, lighter, smarter, faster and above all they are cheaper to own and operate. With wireless communications pre installed you are now able to take your coolest laptop anywhere and still be able to send email while surfing the internet.

Life is good for those who have upgraded from their old desktop or their old outdated 12 pound notebook to a modern all bells included laptop.  In my way of thinking a laptop is a lot like the old American Express Card logo, "Don't Leave Home Without It".  So without further delay, here are some laptop reviews. 

Laptop Reviews and Computer ReveiwsCoolest Laptop Reviews that will help you decide on a laptop you might want to purchase:


Toshiba Satellite Model A205-S5804

Reviewed by "me" Nick,

The notebook that I am presently typing on is a Toshiba Satellite Model A205-S5804 and I thought it would be a good place to start on my reviews of low cost cheap laptops with good quality, good performance and low price.  I really like this laptop a lot.  It is light enough so I can carry it around without too much muscle strain. It weighs just under 6.1 pounds which is lighter than some of my paper notebooks :) .  It comes with 1GB of memory and has a dual processor.  This allows me to work on multiple applications and programs at the same time without feeling any slow down on performance.  I like that last part a lot.  A must have is a dual-core processor CPU rated at 1.60GHZ for decent number crunching speed.   Needless to say I do recommend this laptop as a everyday word processor and internet surfing computer. 

 Price between $599 - $649  Not a bad price for what you get for your money.

 TOSHIBA Satellite A205-S5804 Intel Pentium dual-core 15.4

TOSHIBA Satellite A205-S5804 Intel Pentium dual-core 15.4" WXGA GMA X3100 

 Decent price for decent performance :

  • Intel Pentium dual-core CPU at 1.60GHZ  
  • TruBrite LCD screen size of 15.4" WXGA  
  • 1GB of DDR2 667 memory included, Max 2GB  
  • Hard drive of 120GB  
  • Modem, LAN and WLAN for WiFi  
  • 6.1 pounds 

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