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Hard Drive Back Up (Part 2)


Cool Tip: Protect your hard drive backups. Keep your hard drive backups in a safe and secure place.


The most I would loose would be a few words on my paper that I had typed this morning and that would be very easy to rewrite.  I would not loose days but only an hour or two of data and time.  I was saved by my latest system backup of my computer hard drive to an external USB hard drive.  Once I replaced my old dead hard drive with a new one, all I had to do was perform a drive restore from my external USB hard drive to my new internal laptop hard drive.  I would be back in business again and would continue on to type up my paper about the evolution of chipmunks.  Life would be good once again in short order.  My daily routine of my hard drive backup had saved my day. YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Hard drive back up - Backup for Windows XP - System recovery windows xpLife is good when you are prepared for the worst.  It is not always easy nor is it always convenient to prepare for it.  However, when it comes to setting up routine backups of your laptop computer it pays in the long run.  I highly suggest that you consider daily backups of your computer hard drive.  A excellent source to learn about how to use Backup for Windows XP is at DIY Computer Repair.  Where you will find a good step by step explanation along with screen shots.  










Here are a few hard drive back up suggestions:

  • Perform a routine backup of your data and/or hard drive daily. Your time is well spent.  
  • Most backup software programs work well and MS Backup for Windows XP included in MS Windows XP works great.  
  • Always perform your backup to an external drive.  Like a external USB drive or USB pen drive.  This investment is worth the cost.  
  • Set it up to be automatic and you will not have to remember to perform backups.  
  • Keep your hard drive backups in a safe and secure place.  







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