Lose Weight Sitting At Your Laptop


Lose weight and fell better about yourself just by sitting and using your laptop computer. Did you know that by logging onto the Internet can actually make you lose weight? Its true. You can give yourself a mini-workout, lose weight and learn how to breath better too. It is simple to do and can give you more energy and alertness. Make those afternoon bla's disappear too.


Six ways to lose weight with your laptop.

1) Let your work space become your friend and not your weight gain coach. We all love to eat snacks while surfing the Internet for hours. Snacks are Ok to eat. Eating fresh snacks when sitting at your laptop computer will help you lose weight. Toss the cookies, candy and junk food sitting on your desk in the trash. Now replace them with fresh fruit or veggie's like apples and carrots. In no time at all, you will feel better about yourself and have more energy. Oh, by the way, did I mention you will also lose weight too.




2) Sometimes, the only thing we move is our eyes, hands and fingers when sitting at our computer. This does little for circulation or to burn calories.  The next time you are using your laptop try moving a few more body parts.  Pretend you are sitting in front of an old time musical organ. The type that had pedals underneath you pushed to make the sound. Now, as you are using your laptop computer pretend you are sitting at the musical organ. Start pushing those pedals. Lift one foot a few inches from the floor and gently push it back down. Now do the other foot. Do a set of 15-20 reps. Rest, breath and repeat.  Do this mini-workout several times an hour. This will help get your circulation going, give you more energy and lose weight.   Soon you will be doing this mini-workout during the day without thinking about it.

3) Take every opportunity whenever you can to standup and move your body muscles. When talking on the phone standup and walk in place. Move from side to side with gentle slow muscle movements. If all you are doing is reading something on your computer screen, try standing to read it. Standup and move around in your work space whenever you can.





4) Drink lots of bottle water while sitting and surfing on your laptop computer. If you are drinking enough bottle water your stomach will fill full. In fact, it will give you a reason to go to the rest room. After you have taken care of your immediate need in the rest room, don't leave it yet. Do a two minute workout and lift your arms up and down like you are trying to fly. Do a set of 15-20 reps. Rest and repeat. Of course you might want to do this only if no one else is in the rest room. If may look a little strange if you are doing your arm lifts mini-workout in the restroom and someone walks in on you. But don't worry too much about it. Just say this is part of my fit day workout with my laptop computer. Smile, because you are becoming fitter and thinner.


5) Start drinking acai berry juice along with your bottled water when sitting at your laptop computer. Acai berry promotes and contributes to healthy weight loss.  Acai berry juice is full of omega fatty acids that jump starts your metabolism. It will allow you to efficiently digest food quicker and boost your energy. This in turn will help you burn more calories with less effort. Acai berry will make you feel so energized that you may want to drop by the gym on the way home from work.


6) Change your Windows desktop background and screen saver on your laptop to reflect images of positive affirmations.  This can give you a can-do attitude, help you lose weight and make you feel good all day long.