Mini Laptops

Light, Portable, Powerful, Functional, Cheap

Mini laptop are on the rage lately.  Mini laptops are extremely light weight making them extremely portable.  Because mini laptops are so petite they can travel with you to more places and more often compared to a heavy conventional laptop.  The extreme portability of a mini laptop allows you to quickly forget you are carrying a computer around.

How light are they? 

Mini laptops  only weight about 1.5 to 3 pounds.  In comparison, a normal size laptop can weight up to around 11 pounds.  Wow...what a big difference that can make when carrying a laptop around all day!



Cool Tip: Mini Laptops are called by many names like for examples: mini notebooks,
portable laptops, untraportable, mini-notes and ultramobile.  Don't let the different names throw you too much.  They all refer to a new breed of extremely small and light weight laptops.

How small are they? 

Mini Laptops are small and I mean small.  Here are the dimensions of a ASUS Eee PC 900 mini laptop.  A small foot print allows for easy travel anywhere anytime.

8.86" x 6.69" x 0.79-1.33"

How functional are they?

Mini laptops are much more functional than you might think.  They are not computer power houses when compared to conventional notebooks. However, they have almost all of the standard features of a normal size conventional notebook. Like USB 2.0 ports, PC Card Slots, VGA port, Ethernet port, Webcam and of course Wi-Fi.  It is a real laptop but smaller and lighter.

You can surf the Internet, send and receive emails, type up a quick Word document, work on that spread sheet or PowerPoint slide for your next presentation.  Do the normal things you would do on a conventional notebook without the extra weight and size.  They even sport the latest Windows Vista Home Premium OS software too.


What about the CPU speed?

Mini laptops having been coming out with some nice CPU's to make them functionally fast.  However, the faster the CPU the more the cost goes up.  You can see CPU's speeds from 800mhz up to 1.8ghz. Keep in mind that it was only a while back when full size laptops had the same speeds.


How much memory?

Memory for  mini laptops range from 512meg to 4gb or better.  Many conventional laptops have the same memory capacity as well.


What size hard drive?

Hard drive sizes for most mini laptops range from 16gb to 80gb or better.  Some mini laptops hard drives are solid state drives up to 16gb in size with no moving parts.  This allows them to reduce their overall weight of the full unit.  Some mini laptops still have conventional hard drives and sport sizes up to 80gb.


Screen display size

Mini laptops screen sizes hover around 8.9 inches.  Ultraportable mini laptops hover around 5.6 inches for there screen display.


Who makes them?

Most computer company's are producing mini laptops.  The five top selling mini laptops are being sold by Dell, HP, Acer, ASUS and Fujitsu.


Mini laptops prices

They start around $299.00 and go up to $1399.00 on the high end.


Mini Laptops Conclusion

Mini LaptopsIf you want a laptop but a whole lot lighter, ultra portable, ultra compact laptop than a mini laptop might just fit your bill.  They are easy to carry and use.  Mini laptops are even affordable for most people.  I would not be surprise to see a cell phone built into one soon.