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 Refurbished Laptops


You don't have to buy a new laptop computer to get a great laptop.  Just look for a good cheap refurbished laptop computer.  This way you don't end up spending a lot of money on a new computer laptop.  

If you are on a poor mans budget, which most of us are, than refurbished laptops are a smart way to buy.  You don't even have to settle for a low end laptop either.  Imagine buying a cheap laptop computer with all the bells and whistles you want for less. 

Cool Tip. Refurbished laptops are as Good As New and sometimes better built. 

Refurbished laptops, cheap laptops and used laptopsYou might be wondering what exactly are refurbished laptops.  Whenever a laptop is returned to the manufacture for whatever reason by a customer, it is re-manufactured. Normally by the company who made it. The manufacture refurbishes the laptop and resells it as a refurbished laptop.  Sometimes at a greatly reduced price. Even some slight case damage, due to shipping qualifies a laptop to be resoled as cheap refurbished laptops.


These returned to manufacture laptop computers are put through the same production process as a new laptop.  Sometimes with a slightly more in depth manufacturing process.  They are pulled apart piece by piece.  Each piece is rechecked to ensure it functions properly.



Then it is rebuilt to original factory specifications and re-tested again.  This ensures that it has the same quality workmanship standards as a new laptop computer system.  It is than repackaged by the factory and resoled as a "Refurbished" laptop.  Did you know that refurbished laptops come with a new laptop factory warranty?  They do, so they are practically good as new if not better! 





Reasons you might consider a refurbished laptop

  • They are cheaper to buy than a new laptop computer. 
  • They come with a new factory warranty and technical support. 
  • You will be getting all the bells and whistles you want at a greatly reduced price (cheap!) 
  • They are tested and re-tested by the factory to ensure it works right. 
  • You will be getting a cheap laptop at a cheap price that is As Good As New. 
  • No one will ever know that it is refurbished, they will think you spent a fortune.:) 




Refurbished laptops, cheap laptops and used laptopsMy personal experience with refurbished laptops has always been good. I have bought at least four refurbished laptops over the last few years and have had no regrets. 

They are still working as good as the day I bought them. Only one had a key pad problem. But the factory warranty covered 100% of the repair cost. I highly recommend looking at refurbished laptops if you are on a poor mans budget like myself. I believe you will be very happy with one of the many refurbished laptops on the market.

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