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School Laptops Buying Guide (Part 2)


Traditionally the Windows PC has been cheaper to purchase, but today the price difference has shrunk significantly between the two.  If you have the extra dollars, you might want to look closely at Macintosh. Sometimes it pays to check with your department head to see which computer platform they prefer and recommend – it never hurts to have recommendations from more than one source.

Student Laptops and School LaptopsPurchasing a laptop computer requires a good chunk of money out of your limited funds.  Invest wisely and take your time researching for the right laptop that will fit you and your limit budget. (Student Laptops Recommendation Charts)


Buying a laptop computer is one of the smartest and most practical investments you can make for your college years.  The laptop computer has begun to dominate campus grounds and is the primary choice of many students when debating between a desktop or laptop computer. Laptops are small, thin, lightweight, and are portable wireless devices that can be used in and out of classrooms. 



Student Laptops and School LaptopsYou can take notes and have more software tools available when and wherever you need them.  They are rugged enough to be slipped into a backpack and be taken to any campus event, where one can surf the net, access email and download files from anywhere -- even at a local Starbucks coffee shop.  This is now made possible through Wi-Fi (wireless) networks available not only at most coffee shops and other establishments, but also on most campus grounds.

 Student Laptops and School Laptops

School Laptops Advantage verses Desktop Advantage


  • Can be taken and used in class 
  • Internet access through Wireless connection 
  • Compact and Portable, take it anywhere 
  • Personal, Comes many colors 
  • Cost is now about even to a desktop 
  • Take up very little dorm space 
  • Runs on Battery or AC plug power 


  • Can not be taken to class 
  • Sightly less costly 
  • Not very portable 
  • Takes up lots of dorm space 
  • Runs only on AC plug power 











Stacks and Stacks



Student Laptops and School LaptopsKeep reading for the rest of the Student Laptop Buying Guide on part three (3) of this article. Learn about what laptop specifications for hardware and software is recommended by some schools for school laptops

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