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School Laptops Buying Guide

For The Broke Student

Student Laptops and School LaptopsSchool Laptops are everywhere on campuses.  You see school laptops being carry around under student's arms and in their backpacks.  Student laptops have taken over as the dominate PC of choice for the esteem college student.  School laptops dominate campuses.


Got Laptop?

Do you own a laptop computer yet?  If not, chances are good that as a college student you probably want the instant joy that comes from owning your own laptop computer.  You have also come to realize that the convenience of owning a laptop will save you a lot of precious time.  Your dorm room can have a desolate look without a laptop computer, especially when working into the wee hours on a school assignment.





School Laptops Are A Must Have School Tool

Today, owning a laptop computer is virtually a must-have school item.  Teachers and professors assume and expect that you will use a computer to complete your class homework. When projects and assignments are handed out, a large portion of it is to be completed on a computer notebook rather than a paper notebook.  School laptops are more important than the shoes on your feet!

Student Laptops and School LaptopsCool Tip: These days you can usually just drop by a campus library and check out one of many student laptops for a period of time.  This is convenient and cost-effective for the unfortunate student who lives on a poor man’s diet.  However, it is inconvenient when the pre-installed software programs on the computer laptop do not include your favorite program or game.  Or the laptop you check out will not boot up to Windows or, worse yet, just flashes a ‘blue screen of death’ error.  Then what do you do?

Most students are frugal with their money and for good reason -- they have none.  It has already been spent on tuition and supplies, and any that is left over is reserved for beer, food, gas, and social activities (not necessarily in that order and not all-inclusive).

However, if you have managed to scrape up enough funds for a laptop computer, then you are on the right road to laptop ownership.  Research is without a doubt a fundamental tool that you should utilize when looking for an inexpensive laptop.  It is a smart move to check with multiple sources for laptop technical specification recommendations.

Quote Of The Day:  School is where life starts! Life is where school starts!

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Student Laptops and School LaptopsCool Tip: An excellent source to check before purchasing a laptop computer is your school’s IT department.  They will know what minimum hardware requirements you will need and what operating system (OS) platform (Windows PC or Mac OS) is mostly used on campus for compatibility on campus LANs (Local Area Networks).  It exceeds the bounds of astuteness to check with them first before committing to a notebook purchase.  

In the past most students and businesses always used a PC with Microsoft Windows as the operating system.  On the other hand art designers, system engineers, and publishing companies turned to Macintosh for performing tasks that required working with graphics, engineering schematics and newspaper publishing.

Cool Tip: Today the two platforms, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh, are both used across the full spectrum of applications.  Software application program incompatibility is practically non-existent.  The gap between the two platforms has narrowed significantly; today a student can perform his work on either with built-in user friendliness and software compatibility.



Student Laptops and School LaptopsKeep reading for the rest of the Student Laptop Buying Guide on part two (2) of this article.  Learn about the Laptop Advantage verses Desktop Advantage.

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