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 USB Jump Drives


What are USB Jump Drives?  They are small finger size portable USB data storage drives.  They are often called flash drives because they use flash memory technology for data storage.  The USB Jump drive plugs directly into a computer's USB port and works as a portable hard drive.  You can carry them in your pocket and travel anywhere with them.

USB Jump Drives - Flash drives - Thumb DrivesUSB Jump Drives are also called by other names as well like: flash drives, key drives, USB drives, thumb drives, key chain memory drives and pen drives. 

USB Jump Drives - Flash drives - Thumb DrivesUSB Jump Drives are just about the coolest device you ever want to own.  Why?  Because they are so simple to use and carry with you wherever you travel.  They are a life saver.  They let you carry all of your important data documents with you from computer to computer with ease.

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  USB Jump Drives

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USB flash drives have less storage capacity than an internal or external hard drive. However, because they have no internal moving parts they are much more durable. They are the best laptop or desktop computer accessory to have for extra storage for your application data documents. I personally own about 8 Jump drives that are used for my documents, internet downloads, document backups, videos and pictures from my digital camera. I could not see myself living without any USB Jump Drives in my life today.




USB Jump Drives - Flash drives - Thumb DrivesJudging by the quantity of USB Jump Drives on the market, it is a good guess that they could very well be the computer hard drive replacement of the future. Imagine a computer with no moving parts. Basically the internal computer hard drive is just about the last mechanical part in a PC if you exclude the Cd/DVD drive and the computer cooling fans. The only thing stopping that from happening today is the limit storage capacity of USB Jump Drives at the present time.


Today USB Jump Drives maximum storage capacity is 128gb gigabyte. They will soon match or exceed hard drive storage capacity no doubt soon enough. Flash Drives have already become the inspiration for innovation by major computer companies. So look for larger and larger storage capacity on USB Jump Drives soon.

USB Jump Drives or Flash Drives data storage capacity available on the market at the present time is: 512meg, 1gb, 2gb, 4gb, 8gb, 16gb, 32gb, 64gb and 128gb.

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